The center is you.

This is how the personal training works.
Professional care perfectly matched to individual needs.

"No one knows what he can do until he tries."

Pubilius Syrus

Because a run-of-the-mill program doesn't pay throughout the personal training we will jointly develop the sports care which perfectly matches your needs.

Possible training objectives could be improving your physical well-being, shaping your body, working off energy as a balance to the daily routine, right up to providing specific support in competitive sports.

All workouts will be held in a one-to-one personal atmosphere or in small groups if desired at your favoured time and place: at home, in the open-air or at the personal training studio.


anamnesis and target definition

The focus is you

What is your status? What are your athletic goals? We will answer these questions jointly prior to the training according to the following system:
  1. In an interview we will gather your athletic wishes and goals.
  2. This is where movement comes into play. It is necessary to determine your current health and athletic status. For this purpose, we will create:
    • a health and fitness check with movement analysis
    • a measuring of your body composition
    • a strength and endurance test
    • an analysis of your nutritional habits
  3. Subsequently, we will create your personal training and nutrition plan which, of course, is scientifically sound and will be explained to you descriptively.
  4. This is when the training starts – the implementation of the workouts with regular monitoring and documentation of your achievements.
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Let's achieve your goal together!!

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